Closure Notice: We will be closed on Saturday, July 8th so there will be no indoor play!

Come Play on Saturdays and Holidays!

Come play at The POP Center for a morning of family play time + coffee! Tickets required for Children 1+ through adults of all ages.

Come play in 7500 sq. ft of clean and fun indoor play space and tour The POP Center, a work 'n play studio in Newton, this Saturday all for a great cause! Our profits go towards supporting StoryHeights Foundation, which runs a crisis center that gives away emergency supplies on Blue Hill Ave in Mattapan, and supports a single mother who beat an opioid addiction and now is rewriting her story by putting herself through nursing school while the Foundation pays for her rent and childcare.

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Your tickets allow play for from 8:30am - 11:00am and unlimited use of our coffees and lattes, serving Little Wolf Coffee. Tickets are required for children 6+ Months through Adults. Infants less than 6 months are free.

While at first glance the $10 per adult may seem high, we think it's fair considering we limit ticket sales so that we're not just like a normal indoor playground that's crawling with people in our post COVID-world and it comes with unlimited coffee and teas, which one grande at Starbucks is 6 bucks.  In addition, the adult ticket sale covers our basic costs of our staffing, heat/air, every toilet flush, trash removal, professional cleaning, papergood supplies, wear and tear of our furniture, high speed Wifi, our staff that cleans up all the toys so you can just enjoy and leave, and the intangible value of family quality time in our 7500 sq feet of high-quality space.  While we wish everything could be free, unfortunately, commercial real estate in Newton is just too high.

We are profiting nearly nothing on Saturdays to offer this service to our community :)

We do not pack in the place to keep the space calm and enjoyable for our guests. Space is limited, so reserve your ticket as far out as necessary.

Tickets are required for entry, and donations of any size towards the foundation can be made upon arrival. Should you be interested in our Work 'N Play memberships, our co-working lounge will be open for touring.

Rules to keep in mind:

  • Confirmation codes and matching IDs must be presented upon entrance.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Parking for our space is at top of 1037 Chestnut St and the parking closest to Carriage House Violins may not be used.
  • Parents must hold their child’s hand at all times in the parking lot and on wet/icy days, please use the stairs closest to StoryHeights Church instead of coming down the hill towards our courtyard.
  • Strollers are not permitted in our space due to space restrictions. Please plan ahead.
  • No shoes are allowed in the playspace in an effort to keep our playspaces clean for our smallest friends. Socks WITH GRIP or indoor slippers must be worn at all times.
  • Children are under the direct supervision of their parents at all times. Headphones are allowed, but you must stay attentive to your child.
  • Outside food and drink are allowed on the premises; however, we are a nut-free and alcohol-free facility. All food and drink for children must stay in our kitchen and is not allowed in the playrooms.
  • We do not allow smoking of any kind (vaping, tobacco, marijuana) on our campus.

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Your Money Goes Towards Some Great Causes!

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Looking to save some money on play? Check out our Unlimited Play Pass (good Monday - Saturday)

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