Flexible Plans For Flexible Parents

Work 'N Play Membership

Whether you want to come regularly or just pop-in for a couple of hours, we have options!

How Does Membership Work?

Work 'N Play Membership is for parents with children 5 years old and younger and includes access to our supervised playgroups that run
Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 4:30pm.

Membership rates include access for 1 adult and 1 child into our co-working lounges and supervised playgroups with the ability to add additional children and additional adults for a discounted rate.

Work 'N Play

Premium Flex

As Low As



Daily Credits can be used for single day Work 'N Play Membership and provide the ultimate flexibility for those moments when you're in a pinch.

How does it work?

Credits can be purchased 30 days in advance and 1 credit is good for one 3.5 hour Work 'N Play Session (9:00am - 12:30pm or 1:00pm - 4:30pm). Need a full day? Buy our Full Day Credit to cover the full day from 9:00am - 4:30pm!

Credits do expire at the end of the month, and are not transferrable!

What's Included

Daily Credits come with the ultimate flexibility and so much more!

  • Access to our co-working lounge and wifi
  • Access to our Reservable Phone Booths and Conference Room
  • Access to our Supervised Playgroups
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

Work 'N Play

Standard Membership

As Low As



Our Standard Membership is great for parents who need transitional childcare or just want to try us out before fully committing. By committing to the same weekly schedule for 4 weeks at a time, enjoy lower hourly rates than our premium flex rates.

How does it work?

Month-To-Month Work 'N Play Membership works in 30 day contracts under a set schedule (i.e. Monday and Friday Mornings)

What's Included

Month-To-Month Membership gets you a lower hourly rate and so much more!

  • Access to our co-working lounge and wifi
  • Access to our Reservable Phone Booths and Conference Room
  • Access to our Supervised Playgroups
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea
  • Unlimited Black and White Printing
  • Lower hourly rate than our premium flex credits

Work 'N Play

Value Membership

As Low As



Our 3-Month Flex plan is great for parents who find our service works for them and are ready to make The POP Center their home away from home! This is our best value and lowest hourly rate.

How does it work?

3-Month Flex members must adhere to a set weekly schedule, but have the unlimited ability to change scheduled days every month (as long as it's equal or greater to your originally contracted membership). With this membership you can enjoy 1 week of flex time (equal to the amount of days in their set schedule) where members can prorate their membership that month for any unused time to cover those unforeseen illnesses, vacation time, business trips or parental leave!

3-Month Flex members must sign a 3-month contract by paying first and last deposit upon signing. The deposit is held in escrow and returned only if all 3 months membership dues are paid on time. If you choose to renew for another 3 months, your deposit and last month payment will roll on over!

What's Included

3-Month Flex Membership gets you a lower hourly rate and so much more!

  • Access to our co-working lounge and wifi
  • Access to our Reservable Phone Booths and Conference Room
  • Access to our Supervised Playgroups
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea
  • Unlimited Black and White Printing and Up To 10 Full Color Prints Per Month
  • Suite and Office Priority
  • Lowest Hourly Rate

Why Membership?

Membership guarantees you a spot in our Work 'N Play Studio and also comes with:

Quiet Space

Get rid of the expensive office, all the utilities and maintenance. Ditch the overcrowded coffee shops while trying to wrangle your children!

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Flexible Schedules

Come as little as 1 morning or afternoon a week & pick your own level of commitment.

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Supervised Playgroups

Supervised Playgroups allow your child supervised socialization and learning through play, and saves you money on childcare, activities, travel time, and nanny taxes!

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Looking For More?

Add-On Children, Additional Adults, Semi-Private Suites, or Private Offices

Do you need extra privacy?  
Or maybe you need a plan for more than one child or parent.
No matter the case, we can easily add- on to your membership.

Semi-Private Suites

Don't need your own office, but could still use a little privacy? Our Semi-Private Suites are for you!

Semi-Private Suites are extra large rooms with skylights, a maximum of 4 office mates, privacy partitions, a phone booth, 20 ft ceilings, hardwood floor, and modern furnishings!

Private Offices

Take calls, speak in confidence, and enjoy your own mini oasis with our private offices!

Private offices come with larger desks and storage, ergonomic office chairs, overhead lights, carpet, and modern furnishings!

Extra Children/Parents

Looking to have all the kids or parents come in at once?

The second child is always a flat hourly fee of $10/hr!
If you have a third child (or even more) they're all free after that!
(Because let's be real, if you have 3+ kids under 5 you need a break)

We can add additional parents or guests for a discounted rate.

Guaranteed Access

Membership secures a spot in our co-working lounge and supervised playgroups

Supervised playgroups are an amenity to our co-working lounge. This means that while you work, our POP Center Staff will lifeguard your child(ren).

  • POP Center Staff are SORI/CORI Background Checked
  • We ensure your little one is engaged and making new friends

Benefits of Playgroups

Playgroups help your child grow!

  • Decrease Separation Anxiety

    Many children experience separation anxiety, a healthy and normal part of the development and secure attachment. We help parent and child separate slowly so that children learn that The POP Center is a safe and fun place to play and learn and that Mom or Dad are always close by!

  • Socialization

    Children look to adults, especially parents, to model social behaviors as they grow. Group and parallel play, offered by The POP Center provide interactive moments for healthy and vital social development. The more a child experiences interactions with others, the more comfortable they become in social environments. Children are supported and comforted to foster healthy separation from parents to securely grow independent and confident.

  • Learning Through Enrichment Activities

    At The POP Center, our play-based learning allows children, under our supervision, the opportunity for independent and group play. Our staff will follow your child's lead and encourage exploration, experimentation and imagination to encourage learning and problem-solving.

    Children are sponges that soak up everything their five senses pick up! The POP Center caregivers facilitate learning by organizing developmentally appropriate activities for each age group. Sessions include activities that encourage:

    • Language Skills through storytime, songs, music and puppets
    • Fine Motor Skills with blocks, puzzles, playdoh, chalk, painting and coloring
    • Gross Motor Skills with climbing, sliding and walking
    • Imagination and Creativity through pretend play
    • Socialization with parallel play, taking turns and group meals

  • Community

    Whether you've just had your first child or are a seasoned veteran of parenthood, you know that it truly takes a village to raise a child. The community at The POP Center has proven to be invaluable as a place to connect with other parents to talk through the highs and lows of parenthood. Our members have expressed time and time again that the networking and relationships they've developed at The POP Center are one of the greatest benefits they weren't expecting to have!

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