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Purposeful Play for Hours on End

Step into our sprawling 6,500 square feet of play space, an expanse brimming with imaginative playrooms, fun and modern toys, and climbing structures and swings tailored for infants, toddlers, and young explorers up to 6 years old.

Delight in the symphony of laughter as kids conquer our jungle gym, mastering the sliding poles and monkey bars. Experience the joy of pretend park escapades with basketball hoops and sprawling spaces for energetic runs and leaps. Marvel as imaginations soar in our fully-furnished kitchen, inspiring creative role-playing with an array of culinary delights. Explore our garage packed with an abundance of cars, alongside building blocks and various tools, fostering creativity and engaging projects that spark endless excitement.

They're invited to dive into imaginative role-playing in our charming playhouse room, caring for baby dolls, or lose themselves in the captivating world of fine motor puzzles and the cozy book nook surrounded by BrightLites. For little adventurers, our dedicated baby exploration space awaits, igniting curiosity and sparking thrilling discoveries at every turn.

Please note: Caregivers are responsible for children during Open Play.

  • SORI/CORI Background Checked Staff
  • Curated environment to help parents and children make new friends

What Sets Us Apart

The POP Center isn't your average Indoor Play Space

  • Give Back While You Play

    We Believe We Can Do Some Good Together. That's why we allocate our profits to immediately lift up some incredible programs.
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  • Limited Reservations

    Since indoor play isn't our sole operation, we're never trying to pack the place out. This means you don't have to be on top of everyone who decides to come and play that day. Instead you can freely move about with ease and actually ENJOY your play session.

  • Complimentary Coffee

    You read that right, we provide craft coffee made on demand via our state of the art automatic espresso machines. This means you can enjoy a latter, cappuccino, americano, or whatever warm beverage you'd like with the push of a button.

Common Questions

How Do Play Passes Work?


Passes are $20 per 2-Hour Block, and additional time may be added on the day of your reserveration after check-in at $5 per half hour.

You will need 1 pass per child older than 6 months.
Do I Get Access To The Whole Facility?
For the most part, yes!

From 1pm - 3pm Monday - Friday, access to our Full Play Space is limited to the front half only to accommodate our co-working playgroup's naptimes.

You will not have access to the swings, Britelite sensory room, or block and car room.

Common Questions

A picture of the Playspace at The POP Center
What is your ratio of playgroup supervisors to kids?
We usually stick to a 10:1 ratio with an appropriate mix of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. This model is great because it allows siblings to stay together and allows younger children to be entertained by and learn from older children!

Each location has 2 - 3 playgroups and has 1 - 2 floating supervisors that can move between the groups as needed. Because parents are on site at all times, we are exempt from EEC licensing, and therefore, do not have required ratios to adhere to. That being said, we still make safe and common sense decisions when it comes to filling out our playgroups.
What does a day at The POP Center look like for an infant?
An infant stays very stimulated in playgroup! In all of our playrooms we have activity bouncers and infant toys to stimulate your infant's brain, soft mats for your infant to get tummy and head control work. Our playgroup supervisors hold each child throughout the day for a significant period of time to give each infant nurture and care and eye contact. Your infant is on your schedule.

Our staff can put them down for a nap in our infant sleeping rooms where your infant will have their own emergency evacuation crib, and you can come in and change diapers and feed as you need to keep your infant on their schedule. We do have private nursing stations available.
What is your max playgroup size?
We strive to keep our ratios to 1 playgroup supervisor to 10 children and no more than 4 infants in one group. We do not take more than 40 kids total in our center, and we break up into multiple groups.
Do I need to diaper my own child?
Yes, we encourage parents who are doing Work 'N Play to check in their child freshly diapered to optimize their experience with our program. Diaper alerts are expected to be responded to within 15 minutes of receiving it, allowing parents to reach a natural stopping point in their work in order to diaper their child.

We have plenty of diaper changing stations throughout our facilities. Children who are potty-trained will also need to be escorted to the bathroom by their guardians as our playgroup supervisors do not enter the bathroom with children. Given the circumstances, bathroom alerts for toilet-trained children should be responded to promptly to avoid accidents.

Energetic & Exciting Indoor Play Rooms

Our Play Rooms will keep your little ones busy for hours on end!

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