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Perfect for the parent who "had something come up"
or isn't quite ready to commit to a set schedule

Comes with all the benefits
of Work 'N Play Membership in a per day pass!

Our one-day only pricing is the Premium Flex Credits for $25 per hour for the 3.5 hour minimum block purchase (either am or pm). You can buy as many credits as you need up to 30 days in advance.  

For your second and third child, don't buy the credits.  We can bill you separately for the second child at just $10 per hour (3.5 hour minimum) and the third child is free!

As a reminder, during the work week, we only allow children under 6 years old in our space as we have found mixing in school-age children is not conducive in our space Monday - Friday.
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What is Work 'N Play Premium Flex?

Work 'N Play Premium Flex is an option we offer for parents who had something come up and just need one day (or just part of a day) to come in and get work done while their child is in a supervised playgroup.

What's the difference between this and your other offerings?

Essentially, Work 'N Play Membership guarantees you and your child a spot in our co-working lounge and supervised playgroups. Daily Credits are available as spots are open and are not guaranteed to be available. Work 'N Play Standard membership and Value Membership gives you a discounted hourly rate as well as other great benefits!

How it works:

Purchase Credits for either a morning, afternoon, or full day session below and choose the date you'd like to come in!

Should I bring anything?

We recommend bringing snacks, water, grip socks, and any diaper materials you may need! *We have changing stations all over our space*

If you're planning to stay a full day, bring any napping items your child may need as well!

What is your nap policy? Does my child have to sleep?

Our low price model works when we are able to keep staffing lean, which only is possible when our playgroups stay together. We do have members who are here for a full day, therefore, we have a mandatory rest time for our toddler and preschool playgroups from 1pm - 3pm daily. While children do not have to sleep, and will be offered books and puzzles, they must stay quietly on their cots and be non disruptive to other children. Since we cannot staff extra staff to supervise a few children who do not want to rest, parents will be called to come get your child and help put them to sleep or to come work in our play-space with your child under your supervision while they play if they will not lay quietly on their cots after 20 minutes.

Separation Anxiety Reduction Policy

In order to keep our playgroups as peaceful as possible and give every child the best possible experience, we have instituted a separation anxiety reduction policy.  Children who do not come consistently more than 2 days per week as well as children between 6-9 months or 15-19 months can suffer from separation anxiety, a healthy and normal part of development. Symptoms may include exhibiting fear and excessive crying or aggressive behavior towards other children or themselves.  Not all children suffer with separation anxiety and jump right in and play, and your child may do fine as well.  For those children that do suffer, it is the recommendation of the American Pediatric Association to taper off the time between leaving your child, slowly teaching your child you come back.

Due to this recommendation, we require all flex clients to work in the playrooms with their child until they can play peacefully in the playgroups without excessive crying for 30 minutes at a time. After every two visits to The POP Center, we will prolong the time between notifying you that your child is crying by 15 minutes.

To help your child overcome separation anxiety, we suggest you:
  1. Read stories about separation anxiety to your child before coming.
  2. Bring a stuffed animal, pacifier or security blanket for your child with them to the POP Center.
  3. Keep your facial expressions positive.
  4. Settle your child into a fun activity with other children or a playgroup supervisor before leaving the room.
  5. Keep your goodbyes brief and positive, saying: "Mommy/Daddy is going to work now, and I will be back very soon."
  6. Leave the room quickly.  

Your child may cry, but our playgroup supervisors will nurture and comfort your child, and only call you if you're needed.  For any child suffering from separation anxiety, one of our playgroup supervisors will take your child into our nursery where they can receive more one-on-one low-stimulation care and play so they can calm down. If your child suffers for more than 15 minutes, we will alert you and ask you to work in the playroom and set you up a table and chair for you, asking you to step out for 5-10 minutes at a time so that we can teach your child that Mommy/Daddy comes back, tapering the time you're away to 30 minutes at a time during your first two visits, and then every 45 minutes for your third and fourth visits, and then every hour after that.  

It is our hope that by the 5th time you come to the POP Center your child will be more comfortable; however, every child adjusts at their own speed.  We are committed to ensuring your child has a wonderful experience, and we will do all we can to nurture your child while in our care.

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